The Language of News

How do we tell a news story? Can the way we write be the same even in a different language? Here I look at the main stories from three newspapers in three countries – Britain, Ireland and France – on Monday June 2nd, analysing the style, tone, choice of words and the use of quotations.

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What I’ve learned from the MA Newspaper Journalism at City University London

As my time on the Newspaper MA at City comes to an end, I’d like to reflect on the skills I’ve gained over the past year and how I can bring those forward into the future.

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History, Journalism

WDYTYA? Magazine: Why I Love Family History

It’s now the second week of my work experience placement in the Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine office.

I’ve had the chance to report on The National Archives’ digitisation of First World War diaries, a new archive centre opening, the publication of over one million probate records by…

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City University London: The journey begins…

Three weeks in and I’m still amazed to be here.

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Back when I first came to a talk at City University London in April 2012 and experienced the passion that everyone in the department has for journalism, the idea of studying an MA here overpowered me.

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Why I Loved The Irish Times’ and TCD’s National Media Conference

Trinity College Dublin (TCD) played host to the National Media Conference on Saturday November 10, in conjunction with The Irish Times.

The idea was devised by TCD students, with tickets only €7, and was aimed at showcasing the abilities of young Irish journalists and to highlight the challenges facing the media today.

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Rhian Jones

Want to Write? Interview with Journalist Rhian Jones

Rhian Jones has just finished her year-long apprenticeship with freelance education journalist and The Guardian contributor, Janet Murray, and is now Editorial Assistant at Music Week. I spoke to her at the ‘So You Want To Be A Journalist?’ Conference about how she nabbed the apprenticeship and why a journalist is always learning.

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So I Want To Be A Journalist…

I’ve officially finished my Erasmus year in France – eight busy months of language, culture and many creative writing submissions – but I haven’t given up the travelling just yet. Last week, I flew to London to attend the So You Want To Be A Journalist? conference at City University.

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