Legacy of Constance Markievicz honoured in Sligo

The legacy of Constance Markievicz and her sister Eva Gore-Booth were remembered at a conference at Lissadell House in Sligo on Saturday.

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Shakespeare 400 years on: more myth than man?

Much mystery surrounds the legend that is Shakespeare. We don’t know much about his early life, how he began his career in the theatre, or even whether some of his most iconic creations are really his work at all.

The shadow of his status makes him more myth than man. But maybe that’s part of his appeal. That shroud of secrecy lends itself well to his legacy.

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Quote of the Week: Peter Jackson

I just get excited about stories. I’ve always felt that I make movies for myself. I’m not somebody that has a great deal of interest in what the world wants to see. I have to get excited about a project myself and to the point that it becomes a film that I desperately want to see.

So therefore I start the process of trying to make it so I can see it. It sounds a bit simplistic, but that’s the heart of it. That’s the truth.

– Peter Jackson

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore.

Original article: http://www.rollingstone.com/movies/news/q-a-peter-jackson-master-of-middle-earth-20130219#ixzz3ZcVahrZh