March Favourites

Here’s a round-up of my favourites this month.

Camera: Olympus Pen E-PL8

I bought this blogger-friendly camera this month. Not only do the photographs look great, I really liked its aesthetic and the tan colour really popped. There is a flip-down screen and in-built WiFi to instantly upload the images to your social media accounts. The camera is also available in white and black. I’ll do a full review of it in the future so keep an eye out for that!

Lead image courtesy of @Olympus_PenGeneration on Instagram.

Film: Beauty and the Beast

As an avid Disney fan, I was pretty sure this was going to be a hit remake. With Emma Watson and Dan Stevens leading the cast, they couldn’t go too wrong! I very much enjoyed this updated version, particularly the new songs on the soundtrack. ‘Evermore’ truly captures the agony the Beast feels at seeing his love leave him.

Bill Condon’s directing really stood out for me. His vision is wonderfully executed through the intricately designed sets. They truly bring this film to life as the characters explore the castle. Condon showcases the gobsmacking production level with epic wide shots, and close-ups of intimate details like the designs on Belle’s yellow dress. You can read more in my review of the film here.

Place: National Botanic Gardens

I love to go exploring my locality, and visit places I’ve never been to. I’d been meaning to head to the National Botanic Gardens for a while; the sun was beaming down in Ireland this week so it was the perfect opportunity!

#greenhouse #botanicgardens #dublin

A post shared by Marése O’Sullivan (@marese_martha) on Mar 28, 2017 at 12:47pm PDT

Glasnevin Cemetery, which opened in 1832, is right beside it and you can get a tour of the resting places of some of the country’s most iconic historic figures, like Daniel O’Connell, Constance Markievicz, Maud Gonne, Éamon de Valera and Michael Collins. It’s a fascinating fusion of gloomy and glorious – well worth checking out if you’re into history!

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