City University London: The journey begins…

Three weeks in and I’m still amazed to be here.

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Back when I first came to a talk at City University London in April 2012 and experienced the passion that everyone in the department has for journalism, the idea of studying an MA here overpowered me.

I was determined to get in and I could hardly believe it when I did.

Now that I’m about to have my graduation at NUI Galway from my B.A. degree in English, French, and Creative Writing, it’s all falling into place and I realise just how incredible this opportunity is that I’ve been given. I’m being taught by the top journalists in the U.K. and challenged every single day to become a better journalist, but – most of all – I’m enjoying it.

OnTopic logoFrom shorthand, to newspaper production, to subbing, to online journalism, to media law…it’s a cacophony of learning at City. Since I started the course I’ve also become the editor of the student magazine, City OnTopicIt’s been brilliant to see all the team members putting their entire efforts into it and I am so looking forward to working on it during the year ahead. Issue One’s in the bag now (have a read!) and we’ve had lots of fun putting Issue Two together this month.

It’s been an amazing journey so far and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store.

OnTopic Cover Issue One

OnTopic Student Media Team

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