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Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of Change

There have been huge changes in my life lately. Finishing up a year of study in France, beginning a new job, moving to London…

Is all change good, though?

This time last year I was more afraid of change than I’d thought. I was reluctant to leave a city that I’d grown to know as a second home, reluctant to leave a boyfriend in Ireland, and reluctant to adapt to living in France. But I did. And it taught me a hell of a lot.

If we stay in our comfort zone forever, if we don’t try something that we are even the tiniest bit anxious of, how will we ever learn anything about ourselves as people?

We should never let anything stop us. Not even fear.

My love of words is what helps me to overcome fear. I really feel like I am finally finding my feet in the literary world now. Living in London for the last couple of weeks has been more amazing than I can say, though I would have jumped on a plane in a second to come here anyway. I’m taking a ridiculous amount of photographs, working hard and, best of all, learning so much about writing (the publishing industry in particular).

With these new literary changes taking place in my life, I felt like it was time my blog – Want to Write? – had some good ol’ changes too. So from now on, I’ll be writing for these different sections of my blog. Let me know what you think!

Erasmus: Tales from France and life abroad.

Literary London: I’ll be travelling to as many literary places in the English capital as I can find, and I’ll be writing about each of them.

Interviews: I’ll be sharing my interviews with literary figures from all over the world: journalists, TV presenters, agents, publishing consultants, playwrights, poets, scriptwriters, and, of course, fiction and non-fiction authors. I want to blog about every literary job that’s out there.

Journalism: I’ll discuss the latest media news and opinions, and any articles that I find interesting.

Photography: I will post some of the shots that I’ve taken on my travels.

Theatre: Anything that I want to see or have seen – from plays, West End shows, to festivals – will be blogged about in this section.

Reviews: Books, film, musicals – you’ll read it all here.

What’s Coming Up: Giving you the latest news about what’s next for Want to Write?

Writing Life (Including ‘Writing Tip of the Day‘): I’ll chat about writing and life. My daily tips will offer the best insights from famous writers (and not so famous!) about how we can all better what we write.

I hope you all enjoy following me in my literary journey, as I figure out what it takes to be a writer.

Is there anything you want to change about your life? Are you going to try anything new this weekend? Leave a comment below!

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