End of the World

This is it. Say your prayers. Take a few deep breaths.

The end of the world is here.

Strap your children into the car. Grab that novel you haven’t yet read. Clutch your digital camera firmly to document the world’s end, because…it’s sunny in Ireland!

Many world-renowned scientists are today claiming that this extremely rare meteorological phenomenon in the small island reveals a little known fact about the future of our planet.

“The unbelievable rarity of such extreme solar activity in a country traditionally tormented by rain, such as Ireland, has caused deep worry and suspicion amongst the leaders of our scientific community. This occurence of wondrous yet abnormal weather in Ireland has sent massive shockwaves throughout the world,” said Dr. Nonex Istant, Chief Irish Representative to the World Scientific Organisation.

“Our painstaking research has shown this shocking increase in solar activity to be nothing short of miraculous. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going sunbathing.”

Marése O’Sullivan

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